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AOL connection prob

John asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-05-13
Hi, I seem to be having problems connecting to my broadband AOL via a Bt voyager 100 modem. (AOL VR)
The two green lights are static and the filter is plugged direct to the main master BT socket.
The AOL error is "The computer could not het an internet connection. error AC-3000 0x84100101.
I've noticed that in teh add modem area - no modem is selected and when i do a auto detect, it doesn't pick any up either - is this right ?

I've looked into this on google and done the following like, remove drivers, check firewall etc.
When i run the BT diagnostic tool - i get " The phone line is busy error 676"

Now maybe this maybe due to all the flooding in the area, which may have kicked out some power outlets to teh exchange.  I've rang BT and they say the line is ok.

Mmmmmmmrrrr     Any help here please
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go into control panel/system/hardware/device manager go down to the usb section find the bt voyager 100 do a right click and remove it. Then unplug the modem and restart your pc. When you pc is back up and running plug you modem backin and see if that has any effect.


Yes I've done that and still no joy - I'm looking more into the BT error code "line is busy error 676" I'm guessing that it must be an exchange prob.

What do you think about the Voyager modem not in the AOL settings list or won't be detected. - Is this right yea ? Not sure i don't use AOL that much.

well imho the bt voyager 100 is cr_$  err i mean rubbish

You would be far better getting a proper router that uses ethernet and uses nat

see  http://www.thinkbroadband.com/reviews.html


I've rang AOL and apparently there is an exchange problem in my area.  Don't know if this is a fob off or not.  Thanks for the advise on the router, i was planning on getting one ages ago.

no probs I bet its under water :-)

that would be a real problem and not cheap to fix but does your phone work as that would go to the same exchange as your phone line is plugged into a dslam and a lead then connects the dslam to the pots controller. Does your phone still work?