HP Laserjet 1320 Attention light will not stop blinking.

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Attention light will not stop blinking on HP Laserjet 1320.  Cannot get installation software to install printer to run diagnostics on PC or through HP online troubleshooter.  Checked all paper paths, cannot see any jams or paper scraps.  Have reload the cartridge many times.   Tried to cold reset, worked once but went back to blinking after turning off then on.  It will not print configuration page, demo, etc.  Does not have a memory DIMM installed I have follwed HP's online nstructions with no luck.  Is this printer toast? Can it be the printer cartridge?
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G'day cjkurtz,

Doesn't sound positive.....  I would try another cartridge if you can get your hands on one (I wouldn't necessary purchase a new one, could be a waste of $$s).  

I take it that this printer is not under warranty.

From the manual this particular error (where the attention light is blinking.  that is the only light that's one??) refers to Ï Paper tray is empty
Ï Door open
Ï Paper jam
Ï Misfeed from tray

It could be a faulty sensor, but without hardware diagnostics, cannot be determined.

Unfortunatly there is only some many things to check and reset. If you have exhausted all of those then the printer is destined for the recycle pile.

All the best.


There is paper in the tray, and I tried all the info in the manual and online.  Is there any way to load the drivers without connecting the printer.  When I try to install the printer it gets hung up when trying to communicate with the printer.

Yes you should be able to install just the driver for that printer.

If you open 'Printers and Faxes' and perform a 'add printer' from there you should be able to choose your make/model when prompted for the manufacturer and Printer.  

At that point you can click the "have disk' button and point to the driver files on the CD (alternatively you can download the driver from the HP website and access the files from your local hard drive).

When you install the printer from a CD the setup installs the HP toolbox software which causes this problem as it tries to find the printer.

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I'll try that to see if I can diagnose the problem.  I'll be back, Thanks!


that did not help.  Any more thoughts?
Just re-reading your original post...   Where you able to get your hands on another toner cartridge?

I still feel that the printer is in a state that renders in offline.  Meaning any attempt to communicate with it from a PC will fail.

My last bit of advice....  seeing that the printer is in a terminal state, would you be comfortable in pulling as much of the printer apart as you can get to?  I say this in reference to the fault and its reasons....

  Paper tray is empty
  Door open
  Paper jam
  Misfeed from tray

by pulling the printer apart you may find some small piece of paper lodged somewhere it shouldn't be....

Failing that, consider getting it repaired.  Otherwise, be prepared to let it go and find a replacement printer.

All the best


I'll try another toner cartridge, I may be able to get another one.  If that doesn't work, I would be okay with taking it apart.  I'll let you know how it goes.


Have not gotten a different cartridge to try.  This is still open. I haven't had time to work on this for a while. I will get back to it in a week or so.
No problems.


I don't have ability to test with a different cartridge.  I will be taking it in for repair.  When they fix the problem, I will add the answer and assign points.

Thanks for the help.
Forced accept.

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