No remove buttons or unistall options in Add / Remove Programs

When I go to Add / Remove programs, the program exists, but the "Remove" or the "Change / Remoe" button doesn't exist.  

I have read this post, but no help

this entry in my registry does exist. what should i do?
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You need to find the key for the program you want to remove under the Uninstall subkey.  Then look for the subkey under that for "UninstallString".  Double click it, copy the contents to the Run dialog box off the Start Menu, and hit the Enter key.  What program is it you're trying to remove?
NHChatsAuthor Commented:

this key does NOT EXIST in the registry.

all of my "add/remove" button are gone from all the programs listed.
So you made a typo in your question?  Because in that you said:

>this entry in my registry does exist

If that is true, try this page:
Some applications in Add/Remove Programs list are missing Change and Remove buttons
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NHChatsAuthor Commented:

I installed  a program and now the key: "now shows up!"

but the only entry is the program i just installed.  

what happen to the rest of the list?
how do i restore the list?

NHChatsAuthor Commented:

yes i made a typeO!!!!

>this entry in my registry does NOT exist.
Sounds like your registry has become corrupted.  The only way of getting back to a version that has that key existing is to use System Restore to revert to a date before your problem appeared.

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NHChatsAuthor Commented:

I did exacly what you said to do and used system restore and that worked.


Very good, glad it worked!
Can anyone suggest where I begin troubleshooting, a case where a systems' entire Change/Remove functionality is lost for ALL the applications installed?
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