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Log total CPU time ?

Is there an application (preferably open source) for windows that logs the total amount of CPU time a process uses over the total uptime of the computer? I'm looking for pretty much exactly the same results as "top" would give on linux, but it would even be better if it stored these results to file so it's persistent across reboots.  

I'm after tis to track how much total time is utilised by background processes such as google desktop, skype, msn etc.
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Perhaps not exactly what you want, but Task Manager (ctrl-shft-esc) can do this to a some extent. Select the "Processes" tab, then "View" -> "Select Columns" and select the parameters you want to track, e.g. CPU Time. A new column appears showing CPU time usage for each process since the last reboot. Of course that column goes away if the process exits, but it is still useful for tracking background jobs that run all the time.
Process Explorer (http://www.microsoft.com/technet/sysinternals/ProcessesAndThreads/ProcessExplorer.mspx) is a free program (although not open source) that lets you save this kind of information.
VRBonesAuthor Commented:
Strange, I had used Process explorer before and thought I was very well versed with Task Manager. Lo and behold the answer was just a menu option away!
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