readyboost quit working on a "ready-boost capable device", suddenly

man this is frustrating.  i have a usb key that i know is ready boost capable.  it said it on the box and it worked for 2 days before it crapped out.  

i have a laptop bought within the last 6 months new.  64 bit gateway amd turion.  has 4 usb 2.0 ports.  

anyways today i'm sitting there and it throws an error message at me about how i should choose a high speed port for my readyboost device or something.  i was confused by it.  Clicked ok, cancelled... did something.  

Ever since, when i put my flash device in, it says on the ready boost tab something like what this guy says:

You'll be told the device is "plugged into an unsupported interface" (meaning something about it is probably USB 1.x), or that the device "must be greater than 256MB" (as with other things in life, size does matter), or you'll see the message below, which indicates it's just plain too slow:

The device is a 1 gig flash card.  My usb ports should be usb 2.0....  

Does anyone have any ideas of what I could do to get the thing to recognize it as good again, refresh it, delete stuff, etc.  

I've already deleted everything under usb int he device manager and reinstalled it.  That didn't seem to do anything.  It didn't even have to repick the device back up.  

I'm doing system restores now to see if that helps.  Restarted my computer.  Tried the key in all 4 slots.  Reformatted the drive in ntfs, fat, and fat 32 using quick formatting.  

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Alan HendersonConnect With a Mentor Retired marine engineerCommented:
FAT32 is the correct file system to use.
After formatting, when you insert the USB device, you will see a "Speed up my system" option at the bottom of the Auto Play dialog. Have you rechecked this?
LeeTutorConnect With a Mentor retiredCommented:
Have you taken a look at this page?  It answers a lot of Frequently Asked Questions about ReadyBoost:
Tom Archer's Blog:  ReadyBoost Q&A
picsnetAuthor Commented:
it doesn't come up anymore.  i think my usb ports have gotten confused, which in turn confuses readyboost.

if you look for this error on google: "your usb storage device can perform faster if it is plugged into a high speed report" then you'll see a bunch of other people who have had usb 2.0 ports quit working on 2.0.  i just haven't been able to find out how to get them working on that again.  

system restore didn't work.  I have something called a "mass storage controller" in my device manager that is missing a driver that vista can't find.  i have no idea what it does.  


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marco_peereboomConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Seems the USB2.0 'died' on you. In the windows registry form that is.
Probably a completely different port won't do the trick.

Try to factory default the BIOS.
Complete reinitialization of the drivers in Device Manager.
picsnetAuthor Commented:
man i'm going crazy......

i factory defaulted the bios... really wasn't many options in my bios... none that i could see helping anything for this problem.  

i couldn't find any options to completely refresh the device manager.  all it had was a scan for changes.  i've deleted the 2 1.1 controllers, the 2.0 controller, and the 3 hubs mulitple times though.  

man i've wasted a whole day on this.  i wish i could get this fixed.  
picsnetAuthor Commented:
its definitely lost its usb 2.0... i tried to copy 300 megs over which would take a very long time on usb 1, but should be pretty fast on usb 2.0

it said it was going to take over an hour
Alan HendersonRetired marine engineerCommented:
An outside chance that SFC would repair it, but you may have a motherboard problem.

Vista System File Checker:

Click Start » All Programs » Acccessories.
Right click Command Prompt.
Select Run as Administrator.

At the command prompt type
sfc /scannow (dont miss the space before the /)
Click OK.

You may need your Vista DVD if prompted for SFC.

In Vista, SFC will tell you if there were problems it couldnt repair and it creates a report the size of the Encyclopedia Britannica which is entirely impenetrable. I ignore it.
picsnetAuthor Commented:
ok thanks, i'm creating another question for this that narrows the problem down more... i know its not a problem with readyboost now.  its a problem with my usb ports, and i want the headline to reflect that to get someone witht hat expertise looking at it.  

anyone that helps me out gets both questions points, possibly my first three born.  
picsnetAuthor Commented:
i think its the device... i'm just going to give the points to the person that i think tried to help me the most... or two if its close.  

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