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First time here at experts-exchange.
First question is...well, you should'nt have to many problem answering. We have a server here (windows 2000 server sp4) and the guy who set it up is gone (forerver...). I know it's in Raid but i have no idea what Raid and how it's been set. How do i find out raid settings?? I know there 3 hdd. Easy one for you right?
(Sorry for my bad english)
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Lee W, MVPConnect With a Mentor Technology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Ok - that's a hardware RAID.  There may be management software installed on the system that can further identify the RAID type, otherwise, reboot and watch the screen as it boots.  It will likely tell you something about what you have (look for the section during boot involving the ServeRAID.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
If there are three drives it's PROBABLY a RAID 5 but it COULD be a RAID 1 with a hot spare.  

Do you know if it's a hardware RAID or a software RAID?  When you look at Disk Management in Computer Management, how many DRIVES do you see (you mayu see multiple partitions, but do you see multiple DRIVES?)
Tito_MahawkAuthor Commented:
Disk management shows only one disk (disk 0, basic, 34 gb, online)) with 2 partitions! Is it possible??
Property of disk 0 shows:
Device type: SCSI
Hardware vendor: IBM ServeRaid Failover virtual disk
Adapter name: IBM Netfinity ServeRaid failover virtual adapter
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Tito_MahawkAuthor Commented:
Ok. So, are you telling me that it is normal for Disk management to only show 1 drive?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
If it's a hardware RAID, yes.  The RAID controller takes control of the drives and presents a "virtual" drive to the operating system.
Open ServerRAID manager (Start->Programs->ServerRAID Manager.  Expand the "Logical Drives" section and it'll show you all the logical drives you have and their raid level.  It'll take a few seconds for it open, be patient.
One way to tell without a lot of information, is if you know the individual drive sizes.

For example, if they are 18gb then your system is likely running raid 5 since there is only 34bg available.  (3 x18) - 18 = 36  subtracting a few for the overhead, then 34 is about right.

If you had the same 3 drives and your total disk space was 54gb, then it would be raid 0.  You should NEVER run raid 0 in a production environment with important data, since the failure of any 1 drive makes the data on all 3 drives unrecoverable.

If the raid implementation is done in hardware, then yes, it is normal for the operating system (disk management) to see only one drive.

Good Luck!
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