Outlook web access images wont load

Outook web access is not loading images

Tried restarting IIS no luck

Heres a screenshot  http://xs217.xs.to/xs217/07294/owaerror.png

This is server is a friend of mines its running sbs 2003
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czcdctConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just SBS or is there another Exchange server there and he's in an FE/BE configuration.
Also, get him to tell you what permissions are applied to the default web site (in the props from IIS)
interscapeAuthor Commented:
was a permissions issue followed these steps to resolve it

thank you

10. Reset the access permissions to Anonymous. To do this, follow these steps:a.  Start IIS Manager, right-click ExchWeb, click Properties, and then click the Directory Security tab.  
b.  Under Authentication and access control click Edit, and then verify that the Enable anonymous access check box is turned on.  
c.  Click to select the Integrated Windows authentication check box, click OK, and then click Apply.
d.  If you an Inheritance Overrides dialog box appears, click Select All, and then click OK.
e.  Under Authentication and access control, click Edit, and then click to clear the Integrated Windows authentication check box.
f.  Click OK two times, and then quit IIS Manager.
Make sure that you are NOT running URLScan as well.  

Some admins, like myself, want to run the most secure environment possible.  URLScan, though more secure, will break the ability for OWA to function
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