Adding a Calendar " java script calendar

I wants to add javascrip calendar control to my form. [ pop up ]
I already add . CSS and .JS fie in to slution explorer.
Don't know how to call...through text box

Please guide me
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existenz2Connect With a Mentor Commented: contains a very good easy to use AJAX Calender control and a very good howto.
Deep999Author Commented:
i dont know anything about AJAX............better to use Javascript
PaulsonGeorgeConnect With a Mentor Commented:

visit : to know, how good is this.

Then the main thing is, you dont have to write a single line of code. you just download the ajax extentions and tool kit from the site and install it. follow the simple tutorials.

You just visit wesite to learn ajax. Using ajax controls are smilar to any other control in (that is like buttons or text boxes... you can drag and drop and configure it to associate with a particular control, by just specifying the controls id in property). Anyway, it is worth to know AJAX while using 2.0.

If you still want to use javascript, or if you want more help, then please feel free to reply.

thank you,
Free Tool: Path Explorer

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The answer PaulsGeo gave is btw the same one as I did, only he gave the commercial url.
Deep999Author Commented:
I need to check all links as u both insist to use AJAX [ toolkit and also calendar]
you can call the calendar from ur javascript thru the method with the necessary parameters put in.

may be one more thing u need to note down is, if u r using master page,ur control name must be prefixed by the container control id. this way u have to use the getElementById method.

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