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Our webserver which is located in our office on a windows 2000 server. and its going down for outside users. our networking guy told me this:
I figured out the issue with the site and why its sporadically going down. The issue is that the server is hooked up via 2 lines. One for internal LAN and one on the DMZ. There seems to be some conflict because there are two lines hooked up to one server. The problem is that I need to have the LAN connection because some of the backend depends on this connection as well as for backup. The site seems to work without problems when I disable the LAN connection but the backend does not fully function.

I checked the Event Viewer for errors and I get the following error every couple of hours:

 Event ID 8032

The browser service has failed to retrieve the backup list too many times on transport \Device\NetBT_Tcpip_{DA990E17-7D88-4DEC-B588-2898F8D79F1C}. The backup browser is stopping.


Im fairly sure the above error is the cause for the downtime. Any idea on how to fix this particular issue?

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I think it is a bad idea to have one nic in the dmz and one on your local lan. The whole point is to have an area that is seperate from your LAN for traffic from the outside world. By passing all traffic through your firewall you have better control. Yep it may be slower but your security will be better. By having a nic in each you are kind of poking a hole through your netwrok security. Get rid of the second nic and get your network guy to configure some access rules in your router to pass the traffic you need to or from the inside.
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