Thin Clients and Virus Risks

We have a few thin clients (Computer Lab MT1500g models)that have internet explore and can connect to the web. Though mostly we use them to connect to Citrix only, we've been thinking about setting some up for Web Access.

My question is, since they are running on windows (altho its win CE) and have internet explore and have no anti virus software, what's the risk of a user getting a virus on one?  I'm sure it could happen, but being that it's a thin client, has no hard drive and although we hand out IP addresses to them and let them out to the web, they can't access any network files, I'm wondering how much of a risk would it be to let users access the web through one of these?

any feedback is appreciated.
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Microsoft says that there are no known vulneralities in Windows CE. See:
BUT, there are known access violations which have the potential of being exploited. See:

My take on this: the potential hazard is currently extermely low. But in the future when more and more Windows CE devices are being used, it will become an attack surface. See Linux & Mac OSX.
How I handle it now? I have about 70 WinCE devices running. IE is disabled and users needing access to the internet get it through the very well updated, locked down, scanned and monitored terminal servers.

hi oz, if you are on internet then there are definitely chances of getting affected by virus. There are plenty of antivirus softwares which are custom built only for WIN- CE

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