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Newbie: Simple Databinding in WinForms

Hi experts,

I have a small WinForms application that contains
- a DataGridView,
- a BindingNavigator,
- a BindingSource and
- a Textbox

The DataGridView shows commodities coming from a database and the BindingNavigator helps the user scrolling through the rows of commodities. DataGridView and BindingNavigator are connected to the same BindingSource. Everything works as expected.

However: I want the TextBox to show a certain value (i.e. the commodity's name) of the currently focused row in the DataGridView.

Thus I set a databinding in the Forms Load()-event like this:
            TextBox.DataBindings.Add("Text", commodityDataSource, "CommodityName");

When I start the application, the TextBox shows data from the first DataGridView row as expected.

But here is my problem: When I select another row in the DataGridView via Mouse or via Navigator the content of the TextBox is NOT updated.

What am I missing? Thanks for any help!
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1 Solution
You'll have to capture the event of hte selected row.
I believe you can trap it with the "RowEnter" event, then grab the CommodityName for the current row and populate the text box.
It'll be something similar to this:

private void dataGridView1_RowEnter(object sender,
    DataGridViewCellEventArgs e)
    textbox1.text = dataGridView1.Rows[e.RowIndex].Cells[0].value;
softwareaAuthor Commented:
Sorry, sorry, sorry! Thank you for your answer traxion, but I could not answer earlier.
Ok, so I really have to take care of data scrolling manually.
I thought/hoped that the databinding mechanism would do that automatically.
So, thank you again!

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