Does Windows 2003 SBS + cals include Outlook licencing?

We have a 2003 SBS server and 10 user CALs.  I think we are entitled to Outlook 2003 with this SBS Server.  Is this right? If so, how do we get the media and get the software licenced? (If an Outlook CD was included in the server kit,  we don't appear to have it anymore).
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Yes it does.  And it was included with your original CD's.  Usually it's installed by default during the initial installation, so see if it's there on the server before calling Microsoft to order replacement media.

It would be in C:\ClientApps\Outlook2003

If it is there, you deploy it on the workstations by running the Assign Applications to Client Computers wizard in the Server Management Console > Client Computers section.

If it's not there, the fastest way to get a replacement is to just order the trial version of SBS from here:

It will include the full version of Outlook 2003.

sopht890Author Commented:
Great, thanks for this. I'll check the server tomorrow and order the SBS trial version if necessary. Thanks again!
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