Smarthost email not going through using SBS2003 server

I have had problems with other email servers beliving that our email was spam (because I am running an exchange server behind my hosting provider's server), so we decided recently to change to a smarthost delivery for email - so that everything is sent and received thru my host.

I am using SBS2003 server, SP1 - with Microsoft Exchange server 2003.

I have set up the delivery to smarthost rather than via DNS (and put my hosting provider's smtp server name) and have also changed the authentication for the SMTP connector to basic, with the user and password for my hosting provider.

But no email goes thru. How can I troubleshoot this problem ?
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You do NOT have to put the smart host on the SMTP virtual server for a smart host to work. I would strongly suggest that you do NOT follow that advice from Jeff.

What happens to the email? Is it just queueing? If so then the problem is with the SMTP connector configuration. If you click on the queue it will give you a reason for the messages queueing. The most common reasons are wrong host, wrong user name or password or the smart host operator needs to adjust the configuration of their server to accept your domain.

Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Make sure that the smart host is listed on the Default SMTP Virtual Server as well.  You'll find that setting on the Delivery Tab > Advanced Delivery

pbisseggerAuthor Commented:

Didn't work, but I also see there is a tab called outbound security in the Delivery tab as well. Do I change these settings to the username / login for my hosting service ?
pbisseggerAuthor Commented:

I clicked on the queue and it says "The remote SMTP service rejected AUTH negotiation."

I will try contacting my host and try and see why.
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