Free Legal way to get .mp4 files to play on Windows Media player (or is it legal (and free) to convert)

Hey there, is there any free and legal way to get mp4 files to play on windows media player.
I've bought song on Itunes but it won't convert (because its license protected) and it won't play in windows media player , how i would like it to.

I have windows media player 11 on windows xp home edition.

any help would be very welcome.
(i've looked on the internet but the solutions I've found cost money - i wouldn't mind converting the file from .mp4 to mp3 if it was legal, so if anyone knows whether it is legal or not to convert mp4 files to mp3, i live in england,UK,  that would also be useful, but i'm mainly looking to just know if i can download something free that will let me play mp4s on Windows Media player, thanks for the help.)

(instructions written in an easy form to understand and implement would be very welcome)

Thanks for the help in advance

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shuboarderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi FatNewbie,

I know you are looking for a free product, but the following is very cheap and does exactly what you need:

A good program is worth paying for in my opinion.

Hope this helps!
sorry no, Real player will not accept the DRM of WMP, WMP will not accept the DRM of Real Player same with quicktime will not play in either real player or WMP.
There is probably ways round it like recording the audio  you play from your speakers if your sound card supports this feature. Creative sound blaster  does.
Otherwise its against our EE guidelines to provide solutions that circumvent this. Try searching in Google.
Have you tried copy one and rename it to mp3?
Why the need to play in WMP? There other media player that support MP4
Ace DivX Player - Free Divx Player

Yes, you can. Although, I'm not sure if this is legal or not as I can't verify, but I don't see why not.

Anyway, you may be interested in this guide:

Hope that helps! :)
Forced accept.

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