Setting up a LinkSys BEFVP41 VPN router

Having trouble setting up a VPN using LinkSys BEFVP41.  I'm really new at VPN, so any help would be appreaciated.
My setup is as follows...

Internet ==>  DSL Modem (Bridged)  ==> LinkSys BEFVP41 Router  ==>  LinkSys Switch  ==> Printers, Servers and PCs.

I've confirmed the bridged DSL modem because when I type the static IP address, I get the BEFVP41 router GUI interface.  I've set up remote adminisrtation.  So far so good.

On the LinkSys BEFVP41 router I went to Security ==> VPN and set the following.

IPsec Pass-through:  disabled
PPPoE Pass-through:  enabled
PPTP Pass-through: enabled

Enabled the VPN tunnel and gave it a name:  ie LAB1

Local secure group:  Set for IP Range
(This is the range for my servers, .10 to .20)  is this right?

Remote Secure Group:  Any (just to get a connection first, then I planned on narrowing it down)

Remote Security Gateway:  Any (again, I'll narrow it down later)

Encryption:  disabled  (yikes!)
Authentication:  disabled (yikes! again, I know, I know.... must add later)

Key Management:  Auto IKE
PFS Enabled
PreShared Key:  I have a key here
Key Lifetime:  3600

Status is disconected.

Short of setting up one of the most vulnerable routers on the planet, my question is do the settings look right?  When trying to connect, my XP Pro box at home can't connect.  I feel I'm 1/2 way there, but have no idea what more I need to do at both ends.

Thanks in advance.
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
Afraid, to the best of my knowledge though it will work, the BEFVP41 is not designed for a VPN where software clients connect It is really intended for site-to-site between 2 BEFVP41 or equivalent routers. The RV042 would be more suited to this.
If you do want to configure it for use with a software clients you cannot use the Windows client, but rather you will have to use an IPSec client such as SSH Sentinel (suggested by Linksys), or TheGreenBow.
It's not an easy configuration with either.
Though I haven't configured it I would recommend TheGreenBow. They have a 30 day trial period, and documentation for use with your router:
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