Networkig XP Home and XP Pro Problem

I have a small network of three computers:
Comp-1 XP  Pro ( recently had OS re-installed ( SP2 + all updates)and Files restored from backup by Computer Shop)
COMP-2 XP Home
Comp-3 XP Home ( QuikBooks File)
Comp-1 can see all computers on the network, but cannot access the files on comp-3; however
it can access files on Comp-2
Comp-2 can access the files on comp-3
Prior to the rebuild of Comp-1 all worked fine. Any suggestions?
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Brian PierceConnect With a Mentor PhotographerCommented:
Sorry - I gave to the Vista/XP soution ignore that, however part is still relevant, check is the workgroup names . With XP Home it is MSHOME on XPPro it is WORKGROUP. Change as required - thay need to be the same.
Jeremy WeisingerSenior Network Consultant / EngineerCommented:
Does comp-1 have the same username and password as before?
Do you have something like Norton Internet Security on Comp-3 that might be blocking Comp-1?
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
First thing to check is the workgroup names . Vists's default has changed - make sure all machines are in the same workgroup.

Also when setting up Vista make sure that Network Discovery is switched on and File Sharing and Printer sharing are enabled in Network and Sharing Centre (in Control Panel)

You will have to download LLTD responder for Windows XP: This must be installed on computers running Windows XP so they can appear on Vista

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Jeremy WeisingerSenior Network Consultant / EngineerCommented:
@KCTS I'm wondering why they need to be in the same workgroup? In my experience it hasn't been necessary but there's plenty I don't know or haven't come across yet.
BucciardAuthor Commented:
Useeer on Comp-1 recently added a password to her logon. I believe the logon is the same aas before. ( I'll verify with her today)
I deactivated both firewall and virus protection on both systems

to KCTS:
Workgroup name is  a " new " Name consistent on all 3 computers
Can u ping each other?  
Suppose the network is alright.
Do u create a common user account in all 3 XP's?

create a "Shared" folder in "My Document" folder in each PC.
Make these "Shared" folders shared in your workgroup.
If not, can u use "c:\net use x: \\comp-2\sharefolderInMyDocument\Shared  /user:commonuser * " to map the network drive ?
OR can u use "c:\net use w: \\comp-3\sharefolderInMyDocument\Shared  /user:commonuser * " to map the network drive ?
Is your file and Printer Sharing for microsoft networks?  Make it ON.
For XP Home, u need to pay some efforts :D
BucciardAuthor Commented:
I created  acommon user account and password for the three computers
File and printer sharing is on on all three
I can reach the main file directory on Comp-2 but cannot see the contents.
Any other ideas before I try to recreate the workgroup and re-initate the local network from the start?
aavictorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Usually I find that XP Home creates shared folder(s) in user's My Document rather than other places.
If u do not mind , u can create a shared folder in safe mode in XP HOME and set permission to everyone.
Yes in safe mode, you can work as XP Prof.  Try!
BucciardAuthor Commented:
to aavictor,
I tried your suggestion with no success.
I did learn that if I use Windows XP Home edtion on all 3 computers, there are no problems; so I will close out this question for now with no points given.
Thanks for trying to help me
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