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Hi I am new to C# and comming from 7 years in  VB6 .

I appreciate if someone can point me to a good internet resource , or a book on
good C# coding techniques or best practices on C# coding or similar. I am happy with clear consice point form documentation. Already I am running a course (DVD) on C# but teh coding examples are very basic there.

For example: good error handling methods, good resource - memory management, how best to layout my inheritable classes , dlls etc etc.

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photowhizConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Microsoft has a list of guidelines for C# class designers at
there are almost all types of tutorials about with C#
If you want to know only C# then and these links etc

hope you will learn a lot from these.

anyway good luck and welcome to C#

DhaestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I was also a vb6-developer. I first learned and then learned c# (but that's just syntax)
A very good book about c#:
indikadAuthor Commented:
thanks for all.
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