network printer on a server that is located on another network

I am unable to set up a network printer on a server that is in a different subnet from the printer...
the printer has an ip address of  and the server i am trying to install the network printer on is in subnet the gateway on the win 2003 server is
any suggestions ?
the reason for this is there is going to be a program on this server that users will be accessing from the 22.2 network and need to be a able to print to a printer that is local to them, the server i need the printer on is in the 9.0 subnet
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The most likely problem here is a matter of how you are routing from one network to the other. If you are not allowing your File and Print Sharing traffic to traverse the router then you will run into problems. Ports 135-139 and 445 must be open and able to pass traffic from the client workstations to the print server.

There is a possible other solution though. If the application runs on the server instead of each user's workstation, then the server is the only machine that has to communicate with the printer. If that's the case, you could set up the printer as a local printer and create a TCP/IP port so that the server communicates directly via TCP/IP to the printer (assuming the printer has it's own network interface like an HP JetDirect). In that case, the communication to the printer is on port 9100 (I think... maybe 9110)... and that port is less likely to be blocked by the router.

I'd take a closer look at what connects the two subnets first and see if you can open connections for the appropriate ports.
DHoffman is right, you need to make sure you can see the other network first. Try pinging across to the other network and see if you get replies. If you do then it is most likely the ports are being blocked. If not, then it is most likely a routing issue. Do you use routers to connect the networks, Vlans, or just a multihomed server?

i think most of them are clearly indicated on the above one , but if you have want to have a small and a best solution without touching anyting on the router if so your sever has another network adapter connect tht to the othernetwork and give the ip adderss which belongs to the subnet and after that you try to ping the printer from the server it shld work like charm.

Hope this help
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Make sure your printer has a default gateway configured on it.
Bird DogCommented:
How are the users connecting to this program? Also If any what kind of trusts are set up between these sites or is it one domain.  Are you using dns and wins?
I agree with Hbbw063....the most likely cause is that the printer itself does not have a default gateway or a missconfigured gateway.  If the gateway is incorrect packets can get to the printer but cannot find their way back.  I have seen this many times because usually printers are on the same subnet as print servers and will not have any problems when misconfigured.
cdubbciscoAuthor Commented:
I think i got it figured out thanks for the good advice, the reason it was not working is that the printer had a gateway that was misconfigured as well as when i tried setting this printer up on the server that was not part of the 9.0 i was trying to set it up as a network printer, but instead i should have been setting it up as a local printer, that through me for a loop, i assumed i should set it up as a network printer but instead it had to be configured as a local printer?
thanks for the help
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