How to record any audio coming through your computer


      A friend of mine recently had a young son pass away.  She wants to digitally capture his cell phones outgoing voicemail message.  She thought it was funny, and was a perfect example of his personality.  I wanted to help her do this, besides holding a microphone next to a phone receiver and losing a lot of audio quality.

      I was thinking of using Skype to call his phone, which would play his outgoing message.  This way I already have it in a digital format, which should be better than the mic to phone solution.  My problem is that Im not sure how to capture that audio while its being played on my computer.  I know its possible, but Im not sure how.  Can someone please help?

      Also, if using Skype isnt the best way, Im open to other suggestions.

Thanks in advance!
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Hi Krash_io  what you need is to record what you hear in your pc speakers.
MP3myMP3 Recorder (free) works directly with your system sound card - if you can hear it, you can record it!
After you install in the source pur stereo mix then in the settings put 120 minutes
play any sounds an mp3 file just to test if it is picking up from your speakers when the graph moves your ready, play your recording adjust the vol if necesary hit stop then save as mp3
Another audacity
Best wishes
Pamela ( is a good Skype plugin for doing this (and more). It is not free however. Audacity ( will be able to record whatever is sent through your sound card, no matter what the source.

If the voicemail system is pretty new it may be already stored digitally and could be retrieved directly off the device. That will give the best quality.
If that phone has bluetooth built-in, then that would be easy. Transfer data to computer thru bluetooth though.
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These are all above and beyond what you need.....  Download any free sound recorder or use the built in windows sound recorder (, set its recoding source to stereo mix and hit record.
Krash_ioAuthor Commented:
Thank you everyone for responding.  I gave merete the points, as his solution is the one I used.   Justchat_1, I wasn't able to figure out how to switch WSR to stereo mix, and that link you sent me didn't say how.  Forgive me if I just missed it.

Merete's solution took me about 5 minutes and it was free.  Thanks again.
Thankyou and enjoy using it, comes in handy
Cheers Merete
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