Citrix Error:- Cannot find specified file %homedrive%homepath%


Have an issue to do with a Citrix Explorer Error.

The Error is:-

Cannot find specified file %homedrive%homepath%

User is accessing Windows Explorer via Citrix through the Citrix Program Neighborhood.

Other published applications work fine, Word, Excel etc.

It was thought it might be a licensing issue however I cannot find any errors or warnings in the logs to backup this idea.
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blueapacheAuthor Commented:
Ah I just solved my own issue.  Was just a corrupt?? security setting on the %homedrive%%homepath% folder (which happens to be in this case c:\documents and settings\%username%\

Once the security was reset it was all fine.
try %homedrive%%homepath% (just like that -- double % in the middle)
blueapacheAuthor Commented:
Sorry the error did already have the double %.

Does anyone know what this might be?  Something in the logon script?
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