Ruby on Rails localserver issue (running locomotive on osx)


I'm new to RoR and have run into an issue that I can't find in any faq. I was following through a guidebook project and implementing some ajax effects when I tested a link to edit a row and the application seemed to freeze (page didn't load, though browser did not crash). The weird part is that without changing any code I could not load the index page on my local server that I had accessed 30 seconds previously. I've restarted my webserver (locomotive on osx) as well as mysql server, but I still cannot load http://localhost:3000/. Any ideas?
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Check the log files, from mysql and the log files from ruby. I'm sure you'll find the trouble spots than.

brassmonkeyboyAuthor Commented:
strangely, I got this to work by changing the port of my local server to anything other than 3000. 3000 has not worked since.
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