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I have an Exchange 2000 server, currently there are no limits set on the size of mailboxes. What i went to achieve is normal employees would have a limited size mailbox, then managers and directors would have a slightly larger mailbox. I know how to put limits on the entire size but not group by group

any ideas?

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As you know you can use Policies to implement a store-wide size restriction. If you're using Enterprise Edition you can create another policy with different limits.

If not you can use to select the management team and change their size limits in one step.
You have to create a separate store for each group that you want to have different size limits on.  So in your case you would need two mailbox stores, one for "normal employees" and one for "managers and directors".  Then set the limits on each of these stores and move the appropriate user mailboxes into these stores.
Here's a Microsoft KB article on Exchange 2000 Mailbox Size Limits.
Ooops, forgot to paste the article:
marky1984Author Commented:
Thanks for your help, upon reading more i should have been more specific and said i only have standard addition of exchange 2000, but thanks for the input Bluetab.

czcdct, thanks, a very very useful little tool...

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