Exchange 2003 - Configure separate outbound mail routing for internal domains


I have an Exchange 2003 server with 2 Information Stores and 2 domains.  1 store holds the mailboxes for while the 2nd store holds the mailboxes for

My question is - can i configure Exchange to send out email for to a specified smart host ( for example) while the 2nd domain ( is sent to another smarthost or sent out via DNS?


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czcdctConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use separate SMTP Connectors. Configure one to reject mail from one set of people and the other to reject from the other set. Easiest thing to do is to set up two groups but I'd be stunned if that part wasn't already in place.
Since you have two connectors you can configure them accordingly and you only need one SMTP VSI.
glennbrown2Author Commented:
Thanks for this.  Is it best practise to configure the server that way to meet my requirements?  Or is it best to use separate virtual servers?  I've tried fiddling about with this but am not 100% on what I am doing - is it possibel to give me some pointers on the VS?
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