Installing D drive on windows xp

Hi all,
I have xp pro installed with only c drive (thats how i bought it) with 60 gb of hd 6 gb unused.
I am working on something that needs to work with D drive , how should i do that ?

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What requires a D Drive ?

Normally in your situation D would be your CDROM drive.

Please provide more details.

I hope this helps !
Do you mean you need to add the remaining 6GB to be the D drive?
If so go to start, run and type compmgmt.msc and click OK
Then go to disk management and in the bottom pane right click on the unused space and click "new partition" and just go with all of the defaults (make it NTFS if it asks) and set it to drive D when it offers a letter.
Are you sure the 6GB is unused? Many PC's you buy with XP preinstalled have an extra partition where the files are installed to recover from OS loss. If that is the case you shouldn't use that partition, or check the utilities of the PC. If it didn't come with recovery CD's or DVD's, there should be a tool present where you can create your recovery media. Do that first.

you can use a 3rd party utility like bootit-ng to resize your main partition to make it smaller. Then you can use diskmanager or again bootit-ng to create a new partition in the newly freed up space.
nysurf1Author Commented:
Thanks SysExpert i realize now the solution to my question , I am using some aplication developed on a different machine using d: drive . i wanted them to be sychronized and now i realize the easyest way would be to burn a cd and put it in the d drive
Thanks !!!
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