Desktop application vs Web Browser

I am just looking some advice on what people think,  we currently develop alot of custom databases for our customers using filemaker.  We also do alot of web design work with SQL and Coldfusion.

So basically i was wondering if anyone had any ideas or comments on where development is going over the next couple of years,  i heard rumours that there was a web based verison of photoshop coming out soon, so if everything is going to be web based then maybe we should consider starting to move our development into a web browser.

I know there are advantages and disadvantages to both, so basically just wondering what you all felt.

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Bob LearnedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1) There is a big push for web applications

2) The development environment for web applications is evolving, and providing a richer experience.

3) Desktop applications need to be distributed, but still provide richer development functionality.

Scott BennettConnect With a Mentor Manager TechnologyCommented:
Yeah I heard about that photoshop thing from a friend of mine who works for FedEx/Kinko's. Apparently there is a deal in the works for Kinko's to supply printing services for people that are using the online photoshop, and users will pay for the use of the online photoshop by the amount of time they spend.

Obviously wether or not you make a web application or a desktop application really depends on the purpose and scope of the application. As technology is advancing with things like flash, ajax, and rich media making incredible things possible, people are able to build much more interactive and exciting web applications, and I am certain there will be some pretty cool things comming out over the next several years on the web.

You may see more hybrid types of desktop applications such as some of the popular online video games like World of Warcraft where you install a very large desktop app that requires an internet connection and a subscription to be able to connect to Bizzards server to play the game.

Regardless of the exciting things happening on the web, there will always be a place for regular Desktop applications.
admoortownAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys, il prob keep my solution on the desktop and just wait and see what develops within the web over the next couple of years.

Thanks Again
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