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Roaming profiles, registry or folders?

Having problems with a two third party applications when using roaming profiles using Windows 2003 server and XP Pro clients.

All standard application settings such as outlook run and transfer fine. The applications that hold folder info paths outside of the documents and settings locations dont copy over or should I say allow roaming of their settings. Is it possible to find the registry paths and get this included in the roaming profile or the folders themselves? The applications in question run without error but keep the settings of the profile they were installed under so the roaming staff member will have to edit / change these details manually.
One of the programs in question stores a user specific token to the root of the c: drive. The software vendor is of no help as they dont have any clients running roaming profiles. Can anyone give me pointers? any help or advice appreciated. James
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I don't know if you can edit your registry in order to copy the token with your roaming profile / folder redirection. Would you consider using a program to synchronise that file when user log in/off to their My Doc folder? A freebie from Microsoft called Sync Toy could do the trick.
If you software vendor can't help you, anything you do is a hack and I would highly advise against it.  They should be able to tell you if you can modify where the settings are kept and if you can change the location of those settings.  Without knowing the specific applications, its going to be tough.

I know that "local Settings" will not carry over with Roaming profiles, so if your application's user config files are loaded in that location of their profile, there may not be much you can do.

Is this application "mission critical" to the companies' daily operations... ie, will they boot you before they boot the software?  :)

Also, use REGMON from sysinternals to run a trace on the application while you use it.  It will show you every registry hit the application makes.  You can, possibly, trap the key that holds the path for the config files.... assuming that information is in the registry and not hardcoded in the app.

 - Brugh

spt25Author Commented:
Thanks for the advice guys, the app is mission critial and has a dos interface and uses a windows app also. Will see if i can trace the registry enties as suggested. If I can then how do you get the roaming profile to store the entries or copy?
One possibility would be to use 'flex profiles' (http://portal.loginconsultants.nl/forum/index.php?board=16;action=display;threadid=1144).

Flex profiles are very popular with Terminal Services administrators. They are a sort of hybrid between mandatory profiles and roaming profiles. They are also extensible in that you can select what information you want to include in the profile.

You could try posting on the site to see if any flex-profile experts could tell you if that technology would do the job for you.
Oops, there's a slightly newer version of Flex-Profile kit here: http://www.loginconsultants.com/index.php?option=com_docman&task=doc_details&gid=1&Itemid=62
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