Problem with drivers for parallel to usb adapter

Hello, I am having a problem with drivers for a Serial to USB converter.  Running Windows 2000.  I plug everything in and install the drivers from the drivers cd.  It asks me to reboot and when it restarts I try to install the parallel printer and it can't be detected.  The printer is a Zebra 2742 thermal printer.  The printer worked on an older PC with an on board parallel port.  There is also a Word document on the install cd, it seems to be some kind of instructions.  The file is called windows2000.doc and its contents are:


Winnt\Inf\Oem*.inf ( * is mean an number, you must to check the content of title weather usb2ser.inf or not, if it is, please delete it )



Start-->execute-->key in regedt32-->Enter

Select HKEY_Local_machine window

Select system sub-direct

Select CurrectControlSet

Select Enum

Select USB

Select VID_067B&PID_2303

Select security item of toolbar and Enter

Pop a menu permission then chose

Sets Allow check-box of Full control is be option then push OK.

Push DEL key in keyboard

Chose delete-->select Yes

Out of windows.

Reboot PC.
Then you can install again.
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Computer101Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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EE Admin
I would try to get a real serial / parallel port card, rather than a USB converter.

Check Ebay and any good online store.

I hope this helps !
fenetyAuthor Commented:
I got the usb port working.  It was working fine, the problem was when setting up the parallel printer I needed to select usb001 port instead or lpt1.  I also unchecked the "automatically check for plug and play" options at first.
Glad to hear it.

You are correct that the first impression  is to use LPT1, when actually you need to choose the emulator.

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