Caseware on Citrix memory & cpu usage


we want to run Caseware on our Citrix servers.
Yesterday, when testing we saw the memory consumption going up to over 200.000K.
Once the concerning customer file was closed, the used memory went down again.
We have 4G available on our TS servers where we now have a memory usage of about 1.5 to 2G.

Is there anybody out there that uses caseware on Citrix and what are your experiences?
What memory & cpu is consumed by caseware and how many instances have you running on what type of server (mem footprint)?

Anything we should be aware off?

Thanks !
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vdlictAuthor Commented:
We contacted our reseller for this problem and apparantly, there is a beta version 2006.5 v326 (should be official now) that cleared the memory problem.
Instead of using up to 219MB of memory after opening 5 files, it now only uses 69 MB.
So it's a huge difference !
We are now going to test and see if our servers can handle the cpu but i'm not as worried anymore as i was before :)
We use Caseware on Citrix and this has been a common problem  (running 4GB of RAM also).  We've recently upgraded to CW 2006 and that has helped somewhat but it is still a memory intensive program.
I just read your post again and noticed the memory amount you gave.

is that supposed to be 200K?

or 200,000K?

Most caseware files of ours that open take up about 20,000K to 30,000K when looking at the CWIN32.EXE process
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We just started running Caseware and it is aborting a lot under Citrix.  I suspected memory.  We have 4 gig on our terminal servers and they are very active.  What memory capacity does anyone recommend?

I recommend as much as you can get depending on how many users you want to get on your servers.  Of course if you are running Windows 2000 Server or Windows 2003 Server Standard edition the max you can use is 4 GB.  If you upgrade to Enterprise Edition you can go up to 32 GB.

see here for more info on that:

Because of the price of Enterprise Edition though it may be more cost effective to just add more servers and know that you won't be able to get many users on the server depending on what you are running
That's good news.  I am on 2006.5 v315 and after monitoring for a while I don't see Caseware as taking that much memory.  My largest memory users are Lotus Notes and a document management application named Doc-it.  As mqcIT said 4 gig is the limit as we are running 2003 Standard.  I was considering adding a 3rd server anyway so it looks like that is going to be my solution.  

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