Port mapping using only DNS. Is it possible?

Is it possible to use only DNS to redirect to a different port with one static IP address
Example: http://mycompany.com ---> goes to port 80 automatically b/c DNS forwards http to port 80.
               but I also want http://redirect.mycompany.com to go to port 800 for example, only using DNS.

Is this possible???
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dhoffman_98Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You can't do this with DNS.

However, depending on the web server you are using, you can set both host names to point the same IP Address, and then configure the web server to do the redirection based on host header information.

So when a user connects to redirect.mycompany.com, the web server running on port 80 sees that is part of the request and can internally redirect it to the other server running on port 800.

The short answer to your question is no. It simply can't be done with only DNS.
Anthony_RibaudoAuthor Commented:
Thank you dhoffman 98!
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