Automatically deploy printers to domain workstations

Hello everyone.  I have several computers that are using (2) different printers that are on the domain and in the directory.  Those 2 printers they are using are being replaced with 2 new printers.  Once color and one black/white not that it really matters.

How can I go about updating their computers with the newest printers without going and sitting down at each computer and having to do it manually.  Is there a way to automate this?  I am sure there is but I don't know the answer so any help would be extremely appreciated!

Thanks in advance for your help
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What I did which may be good for you and your users is to publish printers in AD through GP.  After that users can search the directory for printer and just double click the one they want to automatically map to.  Then your printer is mappedGo to Start>Seach> and search for printer.  Make sure you search the entire directory.
If you're using Server R2, then add the Print Management console (Add or Remove>Windows Components).

You can then deploy printers using GPOs.

Do the users already have a logon script? If so, you can add to it:

Start \\servername\printername
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