Firefox not detecting newer javascript file.

I have an intranet site were users connect with both IE (for PCs) and Firefox (for Macs).
I recently updated an external javascript file.  When I use Firefox on a PC, the change is detected, but when Firefox on a Mac is used, the browser doesnt detect the newer javascript file.  I even open the js file with the browser on the Mac, and it still is showing the older version.

Is Firefox caching the old version of the js file?  If so, how can I prevent it from doing so.
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techhealthConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't think Firefox cache js files differently and it should get refreshed whenever you reload the file.  Anyways, you can certainly flush the cache manually.  It's the Cache folder in your profile folder.  Just delete everything in there and restart your Firefox.

I hope your Macs don't use any different proxy settings than your PCs.  That can certainly interfere in some situations too.
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