Setting up merge replication SQL 2005 - SQL CE

I am trying to setup Merge Replication between SQL 2005 and SQL CE using the new subscription wizard, I have the publications and virtual directories setup and keep getting the error:

New Subscription Wizard
- Beginning Synchronization (Success)
- Synchronizing Data (Error)
A request to send data to the computer running IIS has failed. For more information, see HRESULT.
HRESULT 0x80072EE2 (28037)
 The operation could not be completed.

Everywhere I look the advice is to ensure the permission on the snapshot and virtual directory are correct, however I have enabled Everyone to have full control of those directories and shares, so that should not be an issue.  I have even installed IIS on the test SQL server and used the virtual directory on that machine with the same result.  There is nothing in the event log and I had no errors setting up the publications and virtual directories.  Browsing to the virtual directory in IE gives me: SQL Server Mobile Server Agent 3.0
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Just a thought,
Right click the virtual directory in IIS, click properties, click directory security, click edit.
In the Authenticated Access box, make sure Integrated Windows Authentication is checked.
whityumAuthor Commented:
permissions looked fine in windows for everything, i did a check of the sql dll by adding ?diag to the query string and found the wizard had setup permissions incorrectly somehow so it did not have read/write permissions, i reran the wizard on the server instead of the dev machine and it works.
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