VB 6 timer interupt service routine preventing socket send method from firing right away...

In VB 6, I have a timer on a form. In its _timer method, I send data out on a Winsock to another vb app to which it is connected via the socket.....

I set breakpoints in the sockets .send method on the client as well as in the dataarrival method on the server.....

In spite of the fact that I invoke the send method from within a routine that is called from within the _timer method on the client and continue to single step thru the code, the dataarrival method on the server does not get woken up until I have left the _timer method on the client, which leads me to believe that socket send messages get queued up and are not actually sent until the timer method has exited.....

I am hoping this is easily explained and overcome since I'll need to re-design the thng if I cant get the socket send to actually "fire" while I am in the timer interrupt service routine....

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Mike TomlinsonMiddle School Assistant TeacherCommented:
I haven't played with it...but have to tried placing DoEvents after your call to Send()?
smmsmm57Author Commented:
Yes...that worked MOST Excellent.....I guess I need to read up some more on how vb works.....the point is though, you gave me what I needed thanks
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