Server 2003 SBS SP1 questions

OK I ran into some trouble installing these last night.
Basically I read the instructions that you have to install the 5 different packages before installing SBS Sp1.
I looked at the system properties page to see if it was in fact installed and it didnt say Server 2003 sp1.  So I knew I had to start from square 1.
Before I did I looked into add/remove programs and there was Server 2003 SP1 installed (it only said 29mb's)
So I started to install and it ran through fine all the way until the end when it bombed out failed :3010 in the update log.
Researching  found
This was no help.  Basically I restarted the server and left it, all services are running fine.
I now look at system properties and it shows SP1 installed.
Should I move on to the next step and install the sharepoint update and so on?
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Also try downloading the full service pack instead of the bootstapper that downloads pieces of the Sp based on what you have installed (if you haven't already done so)
Uninstall sp1 and start from scratch. When that's done you have the dubious honour of sp2.

ryansotoAuthor Commented:
Thats what I did, I downloaded the full service pack rather than doing it through windows update
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