IE7 Displaying weird character instead of Double Quotes "

I am running Windows XP 2002/SP2 (Media Center version) and IE 7 7.0.5730.11
Using English - United States [en-us] and default fonts.

On some websites (such as: the text does not contact Double Quotes. Instead it contains a set of characters that make reading articles difficult. See:
was typical. â¬SEvery Member of Congress should have to read [the transcript]. Reynolds opined â¬the expected reaction of anyone interested in the facts about the surge. Others on the

Any ideas on why this is happening?

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Greetings searcygr !

The website could have been designed for IE6, and has not been updated for IE7.  You can spoof the site by tweaking your user-agent.

Best wishes, war1
searcygrAuthor Commented:
Well, while trying to fix the problem (your solution is going to work!), I turned on Server Info option in IE7 pro.  Bad Bad thing to do.

Now when I start IE7, I get a logon dialog to "Connect to". It also states "The server at -- turn off the IE7PRO Toolbar -- requires a username and password".  When I cancel the dialog, I cannot get to the IE7 Tools to disable this option.

It is conicidental, but I also installed the User Agent utility pointed to above instead of simply saving the .REG scripts to execute as needed.  I have been unable to find the registry entry to hack/turn off the Server Info option.

Any ideas or should I start a new question?

Cheers & thanks...
searcygrAuthor Commented:
Okay, got that fixed. Wow, the IE6 setting fixes the character problem but it sure does mess up sites like Experts-Exchange. At least I now know why I get the weird characters.  thanks!
Can you turn off server info in IE&?

Save the REG file to Desktop and then run it.

Yes, you may want to start a new question for these other problems.
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