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Invalid HPFS

In a netware 3.12 server using OS2 Name Space the sys will not mount due to the following error:
Invalid HPFS Name Space Name.  Vrepair May 23, 1994 is not doing it for me.  However, probably if I run
it removing Name Space it will solve the problem - creating another - losing long names.  Is there a way around this.
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The last vrepair for NetWare 3.x was dated 1997.  I don't know what the last patch list looked like, but I'm guessing you didn't apply it, which probably also means you don't have the y2k fixes in place either.  Is this one of those servers someone found in a closet that was drywalled over and nobody knew it was still in existence?

Now, hopefully, you have your user data somewhere other than on SYS: - do you have a VOL1?  If not, do that on whatever server OS you install to replace this.  And you *will* replace it, unless you will never have anything but obsolete client OSes connecting to it.  Vista will never connect to NetWare 3.12 - or anything older than NetWare 5.0 for that matter.

Anyway, to VREPAIR a SYS vol with name space applied to it you need to load those name spaces from C:\SERVER.312 before you run vrepair.  As far as the options to use and whatnot, I couldn't say.  It's been at least 10 years if not longer since I've last touched a 3.12 server.   Maybe someone with more recent experience with 3.x will chime in.

You should probably use the VREPAIR option to purge deleted files, just for kicks.
marcdtuckerAuthor Commented:
Year 2k fixes are on the server but I don't believe that installed 1997 Vrepair.  I'll look for it.  No,  there is no vol1 just sys.  I try deleted files no help.  After finding vrepair 1997, I'll try it, other than that, I guess
removing name space is the next solution.  Do you agree.
It depends.  You are, of course, running vrepair with SYS vol not yet mounted and are loading the OS2.NAM from C: prior to loading vrepair from C:, correct?

When you run VREPAIR, what options have you been using?
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