Receiving an "Returned mail: User unknown" is a corrupt file" warning with Exchange and Veritas

When backing up an Exchange 2003 database with Veritas 10.0 backup, I am getting the following warnings:

Returned mail: User unknown" is a corrupt file

On three mailboxes.
There is no anti0virus on the server in question.  I have run a repair and reindex of the Exchange database; no errors were reported.

All of the articles that I have read relating to this issue point to a Symantec interference with the backup, but that is not possible in my situation.

Any help would be appriciated.
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If you are doing mailbox backups you will always get these types of messages.
The message is corrupt and the backup software cannot read it. You need to remove the message.
Or better still, stop doing mailbox backups and just backup the information store. Mailbox backups (aka BLB - Brick Level Backups) are slow, inefficient and useless in most disaster recovery scenarios.

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