samsung LCD 52" , sony vaio VGN CR 100 laptop , and VGA no singnal problem.

Dear All,

Recently l have bought samsung LCD 52" TV and Sony VAIO VGN CR100 laptop which is using Intel graphic media 965 adaptor.

When i connect my laptop with TV using VGN cable, there is no signal displyed. But when i connect to 20" monitor signal is functioning very well. And one more observation that have found is, i have got another samsung laptop with Nvidia Geforce7400, this able to send signal to my 52" TV via VGA.

Could you please explain me why Sony with intel graphic adaptor is not able to send signal to samsung 52" LCD TV? Please explain me how can i overcome this problem?


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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1) Check what resolution is used on the samsung laptop , and set the SOny to use the exact same reslution and refresh rate.

I hope this helps !
pvp1Author Commented:

could you please explain me?

what could be the reasons not receiving singnal to 52 inch LCD TV, from laoptop. accordingly i will ananlyze my problem

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