How to Activate deleted user account and point it to the old ID file?

In Lotus Notes 7.0.1, is there any way to activate a user account in the address book that was removed and link the user account to the old id file associated with the original account.

Any help appreciated,

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BlackmoorianConnect With a Mentor Director of Professional ServicesCommented:
Create a person document in the public address book (not registering the user just creating a person document.)

In Domino Administrator goto into the ID's properties (Configuration Tab => Select ID Properties under Certification in the Tools section)
In the Your Identity => Your Certificates section Click Other Actions and Select "Mail, Copy Certificate (Public Key)" => Click Copy Certificate

Paste that in the person document that you created in the NAB (Certificates Tab => Notes Certificates Tab => Notes Certified Public Key)
SGCAdminAuthor Commented:
Thanks for such a quick response.

I did this, and it still told me that I do not have access to the server using this person's id.

I even restarted the Domino Server.

Any suggestions?
SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If he was deleted, you probably also need to remove him from any Denied access groups  listed in the Address book.

In addition you need to create a new Mail DB, or at least put in the correct info in the Person doc, if accessing the Old mail DB.

I would also check the ACL on the ld or nwe mail DB.

I hope this helps !

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If there are still issues, you might want to restore the address book from a backup and copy the person doc over.

In general the procedure here is to copy the person doc to our "old users NAB" , before doing a deletion, so that if anyone comes back, they do not have to be recreated.

The "old users NAB" is only used by the Notes Admins.

I hope this helps !
SGCAdminAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys for the help.

The certificate trick was what did it, but SysExpert got me to realize that he wasn't in the proper group in the Address Book.  After adding the user to the group that gives access rights to the server, it worked immediatley.

BlackmoorianDirector of Professional ServicesCommented:
Glad it worked for you.
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