configure Load balancer for ISA 2004

I want to configure the Load balancer for My ISA server 2004, I have installed the isa server on my windows 2003 server, and I have the following query.
1. Can I install the load balancer on my ISA server?
2 How many ISP connection support on a single ISA server in a load balancer mode.
3. How I can configure the ISA server with load balancer, any good docs link and I really appreciate if I can get the configuration video.
4. Is ISA 2004 std sever support the load balancer service.

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No. 1 U MUST have ISA 2004 Enterprise Edition . It is the one that enables NLB and soo ...

No.2 U Should first install the other ISA servers ..
Then Make a Server Array
Afterwards .. Make the ISA NLB.

These links are more than anough if u follow them step by step ..

Wish that helps u  ...

If u still need something else , plz asy ...

Forced accept.

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