Clicked links cause page to "bounce".

When any of the menu items in my site are clicked, the page bounces a bit before re-settling on the new page.

For an example, see


Clicking on any of the menu links will show the effect.

Does anyone know what is causing this and what the solution might be?  Thanks.
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you have defined an image for ul and li tag, which will be switched when moving the mouse in reliabble browsers (even they are the same:), and badly implemented browsers will behave slow for that ...
Scott BennettManager TechnologyCommented:
I tried it in IE 7 and I don't get the bounce effect there but in Firefox I see it. It seems like the browser is not allocating enough height for the flash file initially and then adjusts after the flash file starts to load.if you use absolute positioning instead of relative in your stylesheet for those div layers it will probably get rid of the problem.
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