Blank event viewer

We have a Windows Server 2000 Standard on which we are unable to view events logs. When I click on the empty window it select a blank line and if I try to look at the properties I get a blank (grey) window.

If I  save the log and open them on an other server we see all the events and properties. Nothing has been modified on this server recently. I've tried rebooting and still can't see anything. Also, the service cannot be stopped or restarted.
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Alan Huseyin KayahanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi pjfromny,

         *Locate "Event Log service" double-click it then set the startup type to "disabled". Now restart the server
         *Browse C:\Winnt\system32\config, then move (delete if unnecessary) the .evt files.
        *Set the startup type to "automatic" back, then restart server        


Phoenix_TechAuthor Commented:
Quick and good solution.

Thanks MrHusy
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