Disaster Recovery Software for Windows 2003 Server

Is there such a product like Portlock for Netware for Windows 2003 server environments?  As a part of a future disaster recovery plan I'd like to be able to have the ability to image all servers.  We have two Netware machines and several Windows 2003 servers.  The easier the better of course and it seems the Portlock software could be the ideal product for DA for Netware but anything similar for Windows?
Jess TolsonAsked:
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We use Symantecs Live State Recovery and it is fantastic. It works the same way Norton Ghust does but it is very flexible. You can use in on standalone PCs/Servers etc or across networks. It has saved hours of rebuild time over the last 18 months since we implimented it.  
Do you mean something like Norton's Ghost?  I don't know what Portlock is.
Jess TolsonAuthor Commented:
Similar to Norton Ghost but I need ease of use and made to handle servers.  Portlock is just that but for Netware servers.
Symantec's LiveState recovery is now called "System Recovery".  It's a bare metal restore as well as incremental and full imaging software.  It does do it's work in the easiest way possible.

Other than System Recovery, you also have a choice of Acronis True Image.  But to be honest, I have ran into more problems with Acronis than Symantec's product.

Compare the two and you will find one better over the other.
I am glad you got some help and a direction.
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