Portable lift to lift servers into a rack?


This is a bit of a strange one but I hope somebody can point me in the right direction!

I spend most of my time now installing and configuring servers, generally into racks.  I know you buy some BIG lifts for putting huge servers into racks, but I'm looking for somethign I can throw in the back of the car that will just lift your average 2U-5U server to the correct height so I can clip it onto the rails.  As it is my back is being crippled by all this lifting heavy loads at odd angles.

"Portable" is the key word here by the way!  Available in the UK/Europe is also qutie important.

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nobusbiljart fanCommented:
maybe something like this is what you are looking for ?
Zenith63Author Commented:
I'm thinking of something more like a jack that you would sit the server on at floor level, then jack it up to the right height.  I'm pretty sure I've seen one of these in a HP manual recently, just wondering where to get it!
www.machinerunner.com/ManualPortableScissorLift/EPTF-100SDHydraulicDoubleScissorLift.html is the sort of thing but I think you need a trebble scisor lift rather than a double and it doesn't look like they make them, they would probably be liable for it falling over.
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