Computer Fails to Start

I have a desktop system running XP, AMD Sempron. When I power up the system it appears to pass post, I get one beep, and sometimes make it to XP splash, then all of a sudden it shuts down. I have tried to go to safe mode, and even last known good. It gives the option and then again just shuts down for no apparent reason. I have also tried to swap power supplies which did not do any good either. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!
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if the system shuts down while in the bios, it is certainly no OS or software problem.
try to diagnose by disconnecting devices, or start with the minimum :
mobo + cpu + 1 ram stick, video card, and Power supply. shutdown ? Y--> one of the connected is the culprit (try another PS first)
if No shutdown, add devices 1 by one till the bad one is found
Probably overheating check your cpu and you might want to add thermal paste to it.
Also check your fans to see if they are filled dust.  Most likely overheating from what you say is happening.
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Based on your brief description, sounds like 1 of 3 things:
1) MBR corrupted
2) Windows itself is corrupted (could be drivers, but hard to diagnose when system won't boot).
3) Hardware failure

I would start with UltimateBootCD 4 Win ( ) [Every Admins best friend!] to see if the disk is readable and to run other hardware tests (RAM / MoBo)

http:// thevpn.guruCommented:
It could be a RAM problem try to remove the RAM and switch it's slot if you have any empty slots
cctfstrategyAuthor Commented:
I have cleaned as much of the dust out as possible. All fans are running. I was even able to get to BIOS menu for a moment and noticed no temp alert before the system shut down again. I will try the Ultimateboot and see if that gets me anywhere!
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