Cannot Change XP Pro OEM Product Key

I am currently attempting to change the product keys on several Windows XP Pro OEM installations I did so that I can activate them. I installed the copies using the default XP OEM key from microsoft using an unattended setup. I am then attempting to change the key by using the Magic Jellybean Keyfinder (which uses a windows script to change the key), but i receive the following error message:

Windows script host

An error has occurred. This was probably caused by the keying of an invalid number. Please check it and try again.

I am positive that I do in fact have the correct key, and I have performed this operation using the same program 30+ times on other machines without problems. If anyone can possibly help me out, I would really appreciate it. I also tried to enter the key into the windows activation window that allows ytou to enter a new key, but with no luck.
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Vee_ModConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Closed, 250 points refunded.
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Are you by any chance trying to use an OEM key on a VL installation?
johnp338Author Commented:
Nope, it is an OEM installation.
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johnp338Author Commented:
My apologies, the situation was apparently due to human error. I was attempting to solve this problem remotely, and the heart of the issue is that the end user who was working with me apparently simply could not read and copy down the product keys correctly.

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masterhile sinanCommented:
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