Limited or no connectivity from client PC's in 2003 Domain after First DC demotion

Network has 3 DC's (2003) named: ServerMain, Server 2, 2850. All three as GC's  No Exchange installed.  AD was replicated on all three DC's about two months ago. The client was removing the older server (servermain) from the domain. He transfered all the FSMO roles to Server2. He stated that when he ran DCPROMO to demoted servermain it errored out due to netlogon. He then stopped netlogon and then restarted the dcpromo on servermain and it went through with no problems.

After that he tried to connect a client to the network it seemed to logon but has "Limited or No Connectivity" on client PC.

He also stated that on the first DCPROMO he saw server2 on the wizard screen. When he ran it again he stated he saw 2850.  I am pretty sure he transfered the FSMO roles to server2 but for some reason the other DC showed up (2850) on the second attempt for DCPROMO. I will be onsite Saturday morning. Could I just seize the FSMO roles on the 2850? . I am not sure how to proceed with this
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Default gateway missing? Thats why your clients couldn't surf the web. Default gateway is the IP of your router (usually the first or last ip address of your network).

If you are using fixed IP you need to enter the default gateway manually. If you are using DHCP you need to set this up with your scoop to include default gateway in the scoop option.
Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
You should be able to just seize the FSMO roles to whichever server you want.  My guess is that he ran the dcpromo before full replication between the other two DCs finished and some or all roles were seized by the other DC.  The problem you might run into, though, is if the server he was demoting was not completely removed from AD.  I would say try to seize the FSMO roles and then check replication and the event logs to make sure everything looks good.
Was the DC that was demoted the DHCP server? If so then you would need to configure one of the other DC's to be it.

Hope this helps!
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I agreed with carcenea that the error message Limited or no network connectivity sounds like a dhcp problem. Go to the client and do a ipconfig to see if it is getting ip address and DNS info from the dhcp server, before you do anything drastic as seizing FSMO roles.
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
The limited or no network connectivity is likely to either be DHCP as already suggested or it could also be DNS. Make sure that it you are using DHCP that the service is running on one of the remaining servers. Also make sure that your clients are set to use one of the remaining servers aa their preferred DNS server and the other remaining server as the Alternate DNS server.

The DNS server settings may be applied via DHCP or in the TCP/IP properties on each client.
flteng56Author Commented:
Hi Guys,

I had to setup the DHCP scope on Server2. But now the client PC's can browse the network but cannot access the internet. When I do a ipconfig /all from the client PC the Default gateway is missing. Any ideas?
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