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SmartStart 7.40 diagnostics hosed Windows 2000 server on DL380 G4


I just hosed an HP Proliant DL380-G4 server in a very peculiar way.
Maybe someone can explain to me what happend, because although I've years of experience as Systems Administrator I'm clueless?

I just installed Windows 2000 server (EN) with SP4 on this machine, the W2K roll-up fix, NAV and Atempo Time Navigator (TINA) client.
Next I used the SmartStart 7.40 CD and installed all drivers etc., because the corporate proxy was not having a field day and I could not reach the HP site.. (and no, I do not administer this).
By accident the server booted from the CD after that.
I never really use SmartStart, so I was a bit curious and ran diagnostics from this CD, nothing else(!).
After that I quit SmartStart and the CD got ejected.
But now the system skips booting from the RAID1 and immediatly after tries to boot from other devices.
Checked the boot order in the "BIOS" (factory default release) and everything seems okay.
I put the 6 drives into a similar G4 and that one also doesn't boot with this set of disks (and I made sure they were inserted in the same order).
What the h*** happend?? All drives are okay, just out of the blue it won't boot the OS..

This is the disk (72GB) setup: Disk0 and 1: RAID1, Disk2-4: RAID5 disk5: hot spare

Anyone a clue?
Because I don't dare to ever use SmartStart again, before I know what caused this problem.

3 Solutions
When you BOOT to a SMARTSTART CD the first time, you get prompts which completely warn you about overwriting things.

I have found, since I do use Smart Start, that after you RUN anything always remove the CD as one never knows how it will interact with what you just did.

It is great for a clean install...and once you learn to always remove it before rebooting it has its uses.

I know this is not a clean answer. I have tried to get this information from HP Tech...and three calls gave me three entirely different answers.

SmartSTART CD didnt change anything on your Hard Disk - if it just boot up with it  & as u are saying that u just used diagnostic tools.

# >>  anyhow see & try to SET your Smart Array 6i Controller (its built-in board controller) as first boot device -

if it doesn't work then when server boots up - Smart Array 6i Controller initialize the SCSI Drives ::
now @ this step press <F8> ... and check ur RAID either it is perfect or not


touroloucoAuthor Commented:
I've checked the RAID setups using SmartStart itself (after the server didn't boot anymore) and using the boot up Array tools and everything checks out okay. The server is setup up to boot from C (bit strange, but this is how the server setup works) and the first boot device is the RAID and not the IDE controller.
Have you checked you boot controller order? Actually SmartStart doesn't change anything if you don't modify it on ACU (or wipe the disk with a new installation).
boot the server, go into the BIOS F9 and checked Boot Controller order, you might have the wrong device on first place.
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