Errors mounting Store, -1216 -528 missing log files

I am experiencing extreme difficulties in getting this Exchange mailstore to mount.

The ESM is giving error ID no: c1041724   whenever the mailbox store or the public folder store for this SBS Exchange 2003 (v 6.5, sp1).  It will not let me make additional stores, says I've reached the limit (probably SBS based).

Errors in the Application event log point to  Error -1216
"Information Store (3956) First Storage Group: Database recovery failed with error -1216 because it encountered references to a database, 'S:\{nas200.1}\priv1.edb', which is no longer present. The database was not brought to a Clean Shutdown state before it was removed (or possibly moved or renamed)."

I full believe the file is in a Dirty Shutdown state.  I have managed to run some of the eseutil steps against the database in an attempt to prepare it to be repaired, but whenever I use the /r  Repair option, it tells me that the  "current log file missing"  error -528

The Troubleshooting assistant tells me that the current log file ends in 5D8.   log files 5D6 and 5D7 are present in the directory, but nowhere on any of the filesystems available to the server is a file with 5D8 in its name.  So it wants a file that hasn't been written yet to complete the repair!  Great.

At any rate, all I want is for the store database to become available, so that I can use Brightstor software to restore the Database level exchange backup.  This software current fails because it says the database isn't available (I assume it's talking about the information store database target).
I cannot delete the current store because ESM complains users are still using the default store.

How can I get this Mailbox store back to a mountable state so I can perform a restore from tape?
Thanks in advance for your prompt replies and patience with my rantings.
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Run eseutil/mh to know whether the database is indeed in clean shutdown state or not.And, what log files are needed.I believe the last log you are talking about 5D8 is normally E00.log .
If you have any last full backup avaialble you can do a restore and roll forward upto the lat log file that is 5D7.
LupusNoctisAuthor Commented:
Or, I could just delete all the log files from the store directory, and just like that it decides to remount.   I highly doubt any significant amount of data was lost, but can anyone tell me the downsides of just killing the log files this way?
PLEASE do NOT DELETE any log file.They are IMPORTANT.
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