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Find non-matching records

As someone who spends a lot of time doing MIS, a great deal of my job is finding records that fit a certain criteria.  Often times it can be equally important to find the records that don't match.  This is what I am having a problem with.  I am using CR10, DB2 table MS Access table as input.  I have 2 key fields, Account number and Bank number.  I am performing an inner join where the keys match for my main report ( about 5,000 recs).  That worked out fine.  Now I want a report of all of the records on my Access table ( about 7,500 recs on table ) not on my DB2 table ( about 16 million recs  ).  I can perform a left outer join, but then I must do further machinations to get what I need.  I tried using the select expert, where the account numbers aren't equal ( still using inner join ), but I got same 5,000 or so matching recs as result.  How can I simply get non-matching outliers in such a scenario?  Thanks.
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Usea left outer join from the Access table to the db2 table and include the matching fields from both tables in the report.
Assuming you add record details to the detail line, suppress the detail line if the DB2 match field is not null.
Sounds good.

flscooterAuthor Commented:

Thanks so much, that worked like a champ.  I am sure I will use this solution more in the future.  
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